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Gruberal (Malva Dex Collab)
So apparently I forgot to upload it here, whoops.

This is a sprite made for the dex collab project for ReallyDarkandWindie's Malva Dex.

Link to ReallyDarkandWindie's pic

Gruberal caught my eye when I was looking through the dex; The simplistic shape combined with the finer details on the thing, as well as the coloring feels especially fitting to the official designs. If I have to nitpick at something, it's that the irregular lines on the worm body doesn't quite fit; the typical segmenting lines might be generic, but it's more close to the pokemon designing philosophy, I feel.
Regardless, it's a great design.
(also okay I'm ever so slightly biased towards psychic and bug types)

Now that that's all said and done, I feel like making stats for it just because I can

HP: 55
Atk: 30
Def: 30
SpA: 140
SpD: 110
Speed: 50
Total: 415

Yes, that's 140 SpA you're seeing there. As Gruberal is said to be smarter than Alakazam, its special stats ought to be higher than one of the strongest non-legendary special attackers. That said, it's a worm, of course its HP and Speed are slow. In addition, with the squishy beats (read: the brain) out in the open and no other limbs to attack, its physical stats is naturally very low.
I was going to make both Atk and Def 20, but then I realized that's really low of a BST, even for single staged mons and especially for a mid-late dex mon.
  • Listening to: Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion
  • Reading: Harry Dresden
  • Watching: Never got around to watch SAO II ep. 6
  • Playing: Touhou 6 (I'm bad at this...)
Yeah, I'm still alive, just don't have the time to draw up more stuff yet. Right now I'm helping out with Pixelmon mod, studying programming, and generally lacking in sleep. I'll probably upload a few more pics soon, though.

Touhou: Recently got into it because of the soundtracks (which is pure awesomeness), tried out EoSD, got floored by Rumia in my first try ;-;
At least I managed to get to stage 3 by now.

Pixelmon: Even with a tablet I still suck at texturing lol :P
I might actually get into rigging and animating later, when and if I get time to do so.

About my OC, Zero Breaker/Narumi Rei aka Kamen Rider Galaxy:
Thinking back on it, he seemed a little bit (definitely an understatement) God Mode Sue. Here I'll try and change his backstory around.

Name: Aozora Rei/Zero Breaker
17 years old. He's generally a somewhat nice if snarky person, enjoys reading as well as handicrafts, and is pretty good with electronic devices. In his world, the likes of Kamen Rider and other Tokusatsu exists as television shows, of which he's a fan of. He often seems to recall things he has never experienced before; Rei used to think these are the product of his daydreams, but as time goes on the memories seemed more and more real, and now he is trying to figure out why these exists.
According to his father, Rei was adopted at an early age when he was found in a back alley, without any identification on him. To this day Rei still has no idea who his birth parents are, but he isn't too bothered by that. To him, his current family is good enough.
When under the attack of some sort of black-purple shadow-like monsters, he came upon the Nebula Driver, and transformed into Kamen Rider Galaxy for the first time. Strangely, the belt and the suit seems familiar to him somehow... Was it because of the time he spent watching Tokusatsu? Or is it something else...?
On a side note, throughout his first fight Rei pointed out how stupid the Gamma Switches he had are. Repeatedly.


Hong Kong


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